Holi Fest

Holi festival carries a message of fraternity and affection, blurring the differences between the religions, castes, and genders. Symbolizing the beginning of a new relationship with oneself and others, forgetting and forgiving past mistakes.

Vibrant Holi: A Caravan of Colours

Holi Festival is one of the main festivals in India. On this festival you will see the different colors, religions and cultures. That's why it is called festivals of colors. Give us a chance to make your festival with more color and cultures with travel.

Pushkar Mela (Camel Fair)

Pushkar Mela is known as the largest camel fair in India where 50,000 camels are gathered in one place. On this occasion, around 50,000 camels were gathered in one place to be bought and sold. In this place, Rajasthani and Gujrati traders bring varieties of paintings, clothes, jewelry, shoes etc.

Pushkar Mela Festival Journey

Pushkar Mela Festival attracts tourists from all over the world. Lots of people take a holy dip in Pushkar Lake. It is believed that it brings good fortune.

Kumbh Mela

Chanting and chants, the heart-wrenching dances of the Aghoris, and the sound of ghantas, arti and shank, you will have a chance to see a different color of indian spirituality. Kumbh Mela is not only experienced one day but will have a captivating experience for a lifetime.

Kumbh Mela Festival Journey
10 Days Journey

We celebrate Kumbh Mela four times in 12 years. Sadhus and devotees crowd is the main attraction point in the Kumbh Mela.