Educational & Experimental Student Journeys

Travel across India is the gateway to explore Indian culture, art, architecture, history, music, gastronomy and much more for students. It will be a best adventure journey with Incredible Real India to create the perfect educational journey and destination for your group. In this trip all activities included which will be the best memory for students like music, gastronomy and much more.
A full adventure trip, helps to level up the knowledge of students about the Indian geographical, traditional works of art and religions. Every educational trip we plan, is very secure and entertaining for students. All trips are very safe and our team is always available for help.

With entertainment activities and adventure thighs makes the education esiar. It makes wonderful things when education is with travel. A educational things improves the deep thinking of students which is the best way to explore their knowledge.

Incredible Real India provides unlimited service options. We will manage all security and travel planning. You would not worry about the destination and trip plannings, you just have to focus on inspiring your students only. Full planned and adventure trip with us will a memorable trip for your students. We care for students’ future, so your educational trip never be let down your expectation.

Services Offered

Heritage Architecture & Art lectures by respected professors from Indian Universities and Professionals.

Yoga and meditation lectures, practicing in unique locations

Visiting Government and Local Schools to exchange and approach students to a more human connection

Experimental visit to elephant camps to spend time and understand the importance of these animals in Indian culture.

Photography Safari around different captivating locations, given by a professional Indian photographer

Astronomy Class in Sariska, a wildlife sanctuary to understand and live the power of the Sky

Special Fun Activities

Tuk Tuk Ride
Rafting in Ganges Rivers
Indian Cooking Class
Sports Activities
Train Journeys
Desert Trip
Jungle Safari
Make India your stage!

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