Northeast India

Big Aura cities, temples that make you feel at peace, eye-catching natural scenarios, fairy tale lakes, and lush valleys are some of the places North India has to offer.

You could see and live in so many ways in Rajasthan Agra,Varanasi Delhi, these few magical cities.

In Rajasthan you get the Land of Kings like the holy city of Ajmer, Bikaner and Udaipur, the pink city of Jaipur, the golden city of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. its ancient forts, memorable palaces, diverse landscape, vibrant art, exquisite havelis, and culture, and traditional cuisine will remain in your memory forever.

Be my guest and live intricate temple architecture, Historical ruins and unique natural wonders!
Fragrant Sikkim
11 Days Journey

Sikkim is possessed of an almost mythical bounty, sublime and spiritual journey to awake the senses.

South India

South India is the beautiful senorio of architecture and traditional temples. You will fall in love with traditional costumes like beautiful women are seen in traditional silk sarees and men wearing a white sarong like garment. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have the conspicuous culture that makes this place separate from other places of India. The palm-fringed canals, spirituality, and old-time makes your traveling memorable and you have the unfailing and unbeatable peace of the gorgeous places in this region of India

Be my guest and live intricate temple architecture,
Historical ruins and unique natural wonders!
Tropical South India
10 Days Journey

Ayurveda, beautiful nature environment and hill stations in God's Own Country.

South India Immersive Journey
19 Days Journey

A dream of beauty and tropical environment will be true with the South India Immersive Journey.

Wildlife Parks Destination Journey

The country's premier tiger destinations is lush forests and marshlands of southern India’s Nagarahole National Park which is also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

You will get teak trees, thick groves of bamboo, the park is filled with fragrant sandalwood, and dozens of winding streams.

In a jeep safari you will spot tigers, in a boat tour you will see a slow drift in a coracle. along the Kabini River offers prime viewing opportunities for aquatic crocodiles, birds, and Indian elephants which is the eye-catching scenario.

Be my guest and explore like never before India's National Parks!
On The Tiger Trail
17 Days Journey

India's Wildlife is different from others when it comes to elephants, tigers and birds in flight.

Nepal Destination Journey

Draped along of the Himalaya, Eye-catching scenarios of Nepal, timeworn temples and peerless walking trails leave visitors spellbound. This country is the quiet neighbour of China and India which Rrich in spirituality and amazing views.

We can never compare to being amongst some of the tallest peaks of the natural high of this country. But as well as grand feats will be enjoyable like witnessing age-old rice harvesting or relishing the cultural cul-de-sac of Bhaktapur.

Travel with us to discover the magic of Patan, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, pondering the universe in Buddha’s tranquil birthplace, Lumbini.

Be my guest and vibrate with muttered chants, esoteric tantric hymns and Nepalese music hang in the air!
Revered Nepal
14 Days Journey

legendary Kingdom surrounded with the spiritual heights of Himalaya .

Holy North India & Nepal
21 Days Journey

Let's complete your dream to discover the sacred and the Mystical energy of India and Nepal.