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Body Care in Ayurveda

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This treatment includes body massage with hand and foot by two masseurs with medicated oil and cream, internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated steam bath. This therapy is for 90 minutes to 2 hours per day for 7 to 14 days. This therapy is to rejuvenate mind, body and soul, to tone up skin, to strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.

Number of Days 14
Cost 714 Euro
One Time Cost -
Accommodation Extra - Check Rates


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It is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of vatha, pitha and kapha based on the panchakarma and swedakarama treatment. The 15 days package process includes body massage, snehapanam, nasyam, vireachanam (medicated purgative),snehavasthi, dhara, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, karnapooranam, tharpanam, sirovasthi, steam bath and internal herbal medicines.

To prepare the body for purification have to undergo snehana (oleation) and swedana(sweating). This includes oil massages, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, narangakizhi, podikizhi, elekizhi, Kayasakam, sarvanga dhara, sirodhara, sirovasthy, medicated steam bath etc.


  • Vamana - Therapeutic Vomiting (emesis)
  • Virechana - Purgation
  • Nasyam - Elimination of toxins through nose (nasal purging)
  • Vasthy - Eneama
  • Rekthamoksha - Blood letting.
Number of Days 15
Cost 795 Euro
One Time Cost -
Accommodation Extra - Check Rates


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This is the prime treatment in Ayurveda for reducing ageing processes, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and immunisation of the system. Giving RASYANA (very Special Ayurvedic Medicine) internally is the main part of this programme, based on the panchakarma and swedakarma treatment. The 28 days package process includes body massage,snehapanam, virechanam, nasyam, snehavasthi, dhara, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, tharpanam, sirovasthi, karnapooranam and medicated steam bath. This treatment is best effective if taken before the age of 60 for either sex.

Number of Days 28
Cost 1428 Euro
One Time Cost -
Accommodation Extra - Check Rates


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Human being’s mind is full of stress and strain which creates hormonal imbalance and psychosomatic disorders such as hypertension, ulcerative colitis, ischaemic heart disease, peptic ulcer diabetic mellitus, bronchial asthma, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis etc. This is a combination of yoga-meditation and Ayurveda therapy with holistic method. This treatment is very effective for stress management as well as for the purification of your body and mind helping you to attain the temperament of mind. This therapy includes yoga, meditation, rejuvenation massage, rejuvenation therapy, dhara, njavarakizhi, thalam, herbal steam bath, herbal pack etc with intake of herbal medicines.


Number of Days 10
Cost 800 Euro
One Time Cost -
Accommodation Extra - Check Rates


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This includes two types of massages (1) medicated herbal powder massage (2) medicated herbal oil massage. These two massages will be given for 28 days. This programme also includes medicated steam bath, intake of herbal juices and herbal tea. A very special Ayurvedic diet is advised during the treatment period.


Number of Days 28
Cost 1316 Euro
One Time Cost -
Accommodation Extra - Check Rates


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This is an effective treatment for all types of psoriasis. This special Ayurvedic treatment programme lasts for 21 to 28 days. This programme includes special lepanam, abhyangam, snehapanam, pizhichil, medicated steam bath, and sirovasthi along with exclusively prepared internal herbal medicines.


Number of Days 21
Cost 1302 Euro
One Time Cost -
Accommodation Extra - Check Rates
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