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Guru Purnima - Fairs and Festivals in India

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God has no specific name. All names are attributed by man to God. Each name, like Padmanabha, Hiranyagarbha, and Hiranmaya, has a profound inner meaning. Spirituality is meant to explain the principle of Divinity and the inner meaning of the names attributed to Him. One who follows the spiritual path should make efforts to understand and experience the principle of Divinity and propagate the same. But, man today has not really understood what spirituality means. He is under the mistaken notion that spirituality means merely offering worship and prayers to God and performing rituals. People should be taught the inner significance of spirituality and various names and forms attributed to Divinity.

Guru Poornima is the day to pay our deep gratitude to all the great Gurus or Masters who have happened on planet Earth. The Guru is the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance and infuses the light of awareness into our lives.
Guru is a person who has achieved the Ultimate Truth, the state of enlightenment, as an experience and who can create the technology and the techniques to reproduce the same experience in any human being.

He is the ultimate scientist of the Inner world because he is the one who can initiate others into the same experience that happened in him. He gives the ‘weapons of knowledge' through his words, body language and the techniques he has developed. These, when used with awareness, can simply pull you out of any kind of depression and negative thinking and lead you to a positive, blissful living A teacher who teaches others has had a teacher himself. The one who has no guru above him is the true guru. The Sanskrit stanza that hails the guru as Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara and as the Highest God (Parabrahman) is misinterpreted.

The right approach is to consider Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara as the guru. These three are symbolised by the three qualities (gunas) Brahma is activity (rajas), Vishnu is serenity (sathva) and Siva is inertia ( thamas). The whole cosmos is constituted by these three qualities. The three three are present in man. The trinity are present in the form of the three qualities in every human heart.

Your heart should melt and flow toward God. Only then can you attain His grace. People may talk as they please; do not be carried away by them. Unmindful of hardships and difficulties, hold on to the principle of divinity and reach the goal of life. Today, people lack the will and determination to reach the goal of life. How can those who do not understand the goal of life, attain it? True love cannot be fragmented. One cannot have love for God as well as for ephemeral objects and relationships. The love which is fragmented is artificial only. You have only one heart. You cannot break it into pieces and distribute to various people. It is not like a laddoo or sugar cane, which can be broken into pieces and distributed. It is the eternal truth. It is nectarous and full of bliss.

Ignoring the immortal bliss within, people tread the worldly path thinking that bliss lies therein. It is only a figment of their imagination. He is a true devotee who makes efforts to attain God with full faith and determination without caring for trials and tribulations.

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