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Also known as: Popularly known as Patan
Shopping: -
History of: 300 years
Population: 1.11 Lac

Lalitpur sub-metropolitan city, popularly known as Patan is currently one of the most vibrant cities of the kingdom of Nepal. It is located in about 5 kilometers south-east of Kathmandu. With its urban history dating back to as far as 2300 years, LSMC is one of the three major cities located inside the Kathmandu valley, besides Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.

Rich historic past, centuries old living culture of the people, thriving city development are what this historic city today boasts of. Of the fifty-eight municipalities of Nepal, Lalitpur is the third largest city.

Lalitpur, since ancient times has been preserving its unique place and role in the geo-political and economic arena of the country. For many centuries, Lalitpur was a sovereign city-state. In 1768 AD, King Prithivi Narayan Shah assimilated it into the Kingdom of Nepal.

Major Attractions


Patan Durbar Square
This durbar square located in Patan is a world heritage site. Patan Durbar has many famous sites and unique architectures. Krishna Mandi, Bhimsen temple, Hiranya Varna Mahabhihar are just a few among the temples offering you an ecstasy of paintings, wood and metal carvings. The Sundari Chowk contains exquisite samples of woodcarvings, stone and metal sculpture. Patan Dubar Square and the Himalaya that can be seen at a distance make an enchanting scene. A half-day sightseeing tour of the Patan city is highly recommended.

Patan Museum
Offers an opportunity to view remainings of the ancient palace of Malla Kings, and some of the most beautiful wood and stone carving works in the world. Museum covers a long history and living traditions of Nepal and is a-must-see for tourists to learn more about Nepali craftsmanship and their traditions. Museum Gallery

Krishna Mandir
A king dreams of God Krishna and Goddess Radhan standing in front of a temple. Next day, turning dreams into a reality, a finest stone wrought monument is born! The Krishna temple located on the west side of the Patan Durbar Square, was built in 1637 by the King Siddhi Narsingha Malla. The temple holds a great position in the Patan palace, it is also the only temple in Nepal which as 21 shrines and is completely made of stone, and fine carvings. The temple has three floors, Krishna, Shiva, Lokeshwor are enshrined in first, second and third floor respectively. During the Krishnastami, the lord Krishna's birthday, the temple is the destination of thousands of worshippers from around the country. The temple is beautifully lighted by thousands of oil lamps during the festival.


Fun Festives


Every monastery has its own annual festival that commemorate its founding. This is the day when the entire sangha (Members belonging to a particular monastery) enthusiastically assembles for religious exercises and feasts. The other important occasion for the Newar Buddhist community is Gunla Dharma. Gunla is the Newar month (mid-July to mid-August) sacred for Buddhists. Patan also celebrates Malaya or the festival of lights. This occurs on the second day of Gunla. The devotees carry lighted tapers, candles, and torches, and march in groups and visit the various monasteries in the city. The Rato Machhendranath is another festival of Patan. In this festival, the red faced image of the patron deity is taken around the city and his chariot moves in daily stages in a procession during the celebrations in Patan. The procession is accompanied by musicians and soldiers and viewed not only by the royal family, but also by the Patan's Kumari, the "Living Goddess".


Distance from major cities
Kathmandu 5 Kms
Royal Chitwan 240 Kms


How to reach there

by Air Kathmandu is the nearest airport.
by Rail -
by Road Patan is situated about 5 kms. south-west of Kathmandu.

Recommended Restaurants

  • Dhokaima Cafe, Lalitpur

  • New York Pizza, Lalitpur

Hotels in Patan - Lalitpur







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